Download presentations from Siemens and Engineers Australia Digitalization Forum
  1. Plenary keynote by Dr Roland Busch
    Dr. Roland Busch- Engineering in the Age of Digitalization
  2. Agility in energy systems
    Daniel Tragai- Modular energy storage system for a reliable power supply
    Nipun Bhola & Tom Mactier- Stability of Electrical Distribution Systems
  3. Digitalization, industrial software and automation
    Chris Vains- Closed Loop Manufacturing
    Hakan Ozcelik- Streamlining business processes and predictive engineering analytics
    Thomas Hahn- Shaping the Digital Transformation
  4. Smart buildings shaping the future
    Gihan Perera- Fit for the Future
    Jason Scukovic- Smart Buildings creating perfect places
    James Bennett- Intelligent buildings shaping the future
  5. Thinking mobility further
    Chris Whiteside- Diagnostics and Data
    Roy Unny- Intelligent Traffic Systems
    Noel Burton- Advanced Rail Signalling
  6. Scenario 2050: Additive Manufacturing and Digital Services for Energy
    Vladimir Navrotsky- Industrialization of 3D printing for gas turbine repairs and manufacturing
    Vladimir Navrotsky- Powering improved turbine performance through Sinalytics
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